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The musings of a self confessed Apple nerd

Microsoft – it aint easy….

Dear Microsoft,

Why do you hate me so?

Sure, I admit I haven’t been your biggest fan for quite a while now. Windows Vista……. what were you thinking!

But hey, I’m not some over zealous Apple fan boy. Computers are tools, they have jobs to do. I prefer those jobs to be done on Apple products and software, but I believe in using the right tool for the right job. I use Windows when I need to, same for Linux and it’s many flavours.

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Apple Mail – Setting the default font

Just a quick little tip for you….
I was recently asked by a client why they couldn’t set a default font or colour for outgoing emails. Well, the answer was simple… because Apple says so and Apple knows all!
No, not really, but it is a limitation of Apple Mail, since at least Tiger (OS X 10.4).

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