Today’s post isn’t a very exciting one, but it is important….. System Information.

I’m going to show you how to get the system information that I will need if you’re contacting me with an Apple Mac issue or question.

Now, you can write this information down, or you can just screenshot each window and send it to me.



To screenshot a window, press the ( shift + command ⌘ 4 ) buttons together.

The mouse pointer turn into a target symbol.

If you then press the spacebar the target symbol will turn into a little camera symbol.

Now any open window you move it over the whole window will turn blue.

Click and you get a screenshot of just that window.

It’s pretty cool, and it means that you send me only the information you want, and not anything else on your screen!


First, head to the top left hand corner of your screen and press the symbol:




Then you need to select About This Mac



That will bring up this screen. I will need the OS X version number:



If you click on Version it will change to Serial Number, that will come in handy too, but it’s not completely necessary:



If you click on the More Info button, this screen will come up, press System Report there:

About This Mac


That will give us this screen. From there we want Model Name and Model Identifier:



And there you go, that information will help me assist you a lot faster, and get you back on track.