Just a quick one today, the Scroll Bar….

with scroll barwithout scroll bar

I’m sure quite a few of you have upgraded your operating system to OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) by now, especially seeing as it’s at the great price of nothing! Depending what system you were running before, you may now be wondering where your scroll bars are, you know, the bit on the side of the window that makes your page go up and down.

You may have momentarily glimpsed it as you used your mouse or trackpad to scroll the page, but perhaps that fleeting glimpse is not enough for you? Maybe you and the scroll bar have become friends, and you’re lonely without it there to reassure you that you can scroll up and down anytime you want?

Well, the fix is pretty simple for you. Apple has given you the option to bring it back, and I’ll show you how:

First, go to System Preferences


Then, select General


Then change your Show Scroll Bars: setting from this

show scroll bars

To this



And there you go, your scroll bars are back.