Hello fellow Apple nerds

Just a quick little tip for you….

I was recently asked by a client why they couldn’t set a default font or colour for outgoing emails. Well, the answer was simple… because Apple says so and Apple knows all!

No, not really, but it is a limitation of Apple Mail, since at least Tiger (OS X 10.4).

Personally this hasn’t bothered me, but as pointed out by my client, sometimes you need to change fonts or even just font colours to suit your business presence or just your personality. Obviously, this is a big waste of time if you need to manually change the settings for each email you send!

Fortunately, there’s a great little open source (free) package that can fix this for you. It’s called Universal Mailer and after install, you have an extra preference pane in Mail preferences where you can set you options. I’ll give you a quick run down of it now…..

First, go to the linked site and download the package, it comes through as a zip file, which you will have to unpack:



Double-click on the box and you will open the installer:



Continue through the screens until you have to enter your password (this is your system user password):



After you’ve installed the package you can open Mail, and go to Mail Preferences (⌘,) where you can configure the options. I’ve highlighted the areas in red… click the double arrows to see the Universal Mailer window:



And configure the options to your personal preferences here:



That’s all for now, I hope this little hint helps someone out and saves them some time.

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